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Read, watch, listen, and stay update on everything The Glass Station and The Glass Float Project are doing!

Who Wants to go on a Treasure Hunt?

Join Martha Teichner and the CBS Sunday Morning crew on a Block Island treasure hunt! Learn more about The Glass Float Project from Eben and Jen, and see what it's like to find a float all your own!


Finding Hidden Gems


Our Bees are All the Buzz!


 Did you see us in The New York Times?


Local Spotlight for The Glass Float Project! 

Bill Seymour from The Independent interviews Jen and Eben about there experience with national news and all things Glass Float related!


 Ep. 58: Eben Horton- The Glass Float Project and Creating a Phenomenon

Eben joins Two Guys on Block Island for a fun and interesting look into The Glass Float project. Click the link below to listen to the podcast!